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I could try to summarize what I post but even I don't know anymore. Haha! The background picture is my adorable puppy Buffy.

May 2

“I don’t care if I fall in love to a devil, as long as that devil will love me the way he loves hell.” (via abbiejoanx)

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“Every morning I wake up to his finger up my nose or him patting me on the cheek or whatever it is," she smiled. "And he’s like, ‘Dadadadada, Mamamama’, and I don’t know… it just fills me with so much joy and excitement to see him, and he’s so smiley and happy. I just love every second with him.” Sarah Wright Olsen about Wyatt co-sleeping with her and Eric (via ericandsaraholsen-fans)

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Methods of persuasion || Inspired by [X]

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May 1

TV Tropes - Curse Cut Short
A character is part way through saying a rude word when they are abruptly interrupted. Another character may interrupt the speaker, the speaker may interrupt or cut off themselves, or there is simply a cut to another scene.

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Almost to the end of the Rings (Pentacles) arcana tarot cards from Cassandra Jean’s  Shadowhunter Tarot (And thus only one more post before the whole deck has been posted in completion.) You can just click the Shadowhunter Tarot to see them all. The two of rings shows the Morgenstern family ring, with a pattern of stars, and Jace and Sebastian. The three of rings shows Emma and her father and the Carstairs family ring with a pattern of castles. The four of rings shows Cristina and Jaime, with the Rosales family ring with a pattern of roses, the five of rings shows the whole Blackthorn family with the Blackthorn ring, patterned with thorns, and the sad six of rings shows Aloysius Starkweather and his granddaughter Adele, with the Starkweather family ring patterned with lightning. 

Teen Wolf AU: In which Stiles is a cocky fratboy and misunderstandings ensue. 

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Doctor Who: New Earth




"You do anything fun Saturday night?"

< Makes lustful whimpering noises <3

*Whines pitifully*


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but we are what we are till the day we die
or till we don’t have the strength to go on

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